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We offer the following services to our customers:


Residential Appraisals and FHA / USDA Appraisals - These are the most frequently used appraisals.  It covers all aspects of a stick-built house and incorporates the market conditions addendum.


Manufactured Home Appraisal  - This report is specific to all types of manufactured homes.  It includes information from the manufacturer (such as the serial number) if these items are available.  Manufactured homes must be compared to other manufactured homes.  In all other respects, this report is quite similar to the regular Residential Appraisal and does include the market conditions addendum.


Townhouse/Condo Appraisal - The standard report for a condo is not always appropriate for a townhouse.  Many times, a townhouse is more properly reported on the Residential Appraisal report.  There are differences between the two that might be better reflected in one report or another.  We offer both types of reports to our clients.  These reports also include the market conditions addendum.


Vacant Land Appraisal - Valuation of vacant land can be somewhat challenging due to the lack of comparable sales in our area, especially with large tracts of land.  We visit the various comparable tracts available to find the most similar for use in the appraisal.


Exterior/Drive-By Appraisal - These appraisals are the least informative to the client because no interior inspection is performed and the exterior inspection is limited.  Information is taken from public records and the condition of the interior is assumed to be simiar to the exterior.  A market conditions addendum is included with this type of report.


Other types of valuations may be available on request.  Please contact us at your convenience to discuss these or other services.